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Date 2011-12-01
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This Karen language magazine provides readers with information and insights into topics including dams on the Salween River, planned Special Economic Zones in Burma/Myanmar, the Asia Highway passing through Karen State, land related problems, gold mining, climate change, indigenous knowledge on making pottery and many other subjects.

Date 2014-08-07
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Date 2005-04-01
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Date 2009-04-01
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Date 2011-08-02
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Date 2016-12-12
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Date 2001-08-04
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Date 2007-04-01
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This magazine tells the audience about how mega development projects threaten the environment and local communities in different ways that local peoples will have reasonable cause to be concerned about. It also includes information about climate change and its effects, and other environment related topics relevant to Karen State and elsewhere in Myanmar (Burma).

Date 2013-09-02
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Date 2012-08-28
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