DSC 0194In 2011, 11 Climate Change Education and Awareness Raising Workshops were conducted in 5 districts of Karen State (4 in Mu Traw, 3 in Doo The Htoo, 2 in Kler Lwee Htoo, 1 in Dooplaya and 1 in Hpa-an).  Climate change awareness campaigns were launched in 5 districts ofKarenState due to the high volume of requests from our partners who saw the issue was quite important and critical.  

In general the workshops involved learning basic knowledge about the environment and climate change, screening climate change-related films/documentaries, discussing what is happening in the participants’ areas with regards to weather and climate, and learning what the PHCVA (Participatory Hazards Climate Vulnerability Assessment) is and how it can help their communities better adapt to climate change-induced hazards.   After each workshop, a committee was formed to further strengthen community knowledge and networks when it comes to increasing the resiliency to climate change.  A total of 322 (120 women, 202 men) participated in the 11 workshops.