Attending Asian Highway Opening Ceremony Legitimizes Government’s Use of Force, Land Confiscation and Displacement

KKO Logo SmallOn 29 August 2015, the International Karen Organization (IKO) delivers their open latter to KNU Chairperson General Mutu Sei Poe and calls for the KNU Chairperson Mutu Sei Poe to boycott upcoming Asian Highway opening ceremony. In the open latter, the IKO states that by joining this "blood-highway" opening ceremony, the KNU Chairperson is playing right into the hands of the government’s classic divide and conquer tactics, sabotaging the unity of Karen armed groups, and wrecking the Karen people’s aspiration for peace and self-determination. 



For detail, pease see the open latter below. The opening is available in Karen, English and Burmese languages. 

English Language:
{edocs}/media/Documents/Open_letter_to_KNU_Chairperson_General_Mutu_Sae _Poe_English.pdf,100%,300,link{/edocs}

Karen Language:
{edocs}/media/Documents/Open_letter_to_KNU_Chairperson_General_Mutu_Sae _Poe_Burme.pdf,100%,300,link{/edocs}

Burmese Language:
{edocs}/media/Documents/Open_letter_to_KNU_Chairperson_General_Mutu_Sae _Poe_Karen.pdf,100%,300,link{/edocs}